Educational Literature to survive in the modern world!!

    Jack Dogg has expanded its horizons beyond creating just mindless & surreal offbeat comics that stain society with more unproductivity. Going on a more metaphysical note, Jack Dogg's books on science literally prepare any theologian or seeking philologist understand the physical mysteries of the Universe better. Not to mention typical science students!    In reality, Jack Dogg's World of Science are narrative tours through every situation that presents itself guided by the very laws of physics as we know it!!

These books and educational materials you will find here are written with a certain reader in mind -- the majority of the public -- who don't mind learning at all, but would admittedly prefer to read 'school related' and other educational material in a way that is STRAIGHT AND TO THE POINT! Check out Jack Dogg's Compendium guide to Forces and Physics series. Whether you're a science geek, a individual who needs a new career, or a struggling student, If you're trying to finally understand how physical forces in the Universe, classical physics, and other science works, they are designed to get you there thoroughly...

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" This unconventional approach is more easily understood, yet no less compelling for anyone who admittedly sucks at math and science "        -- Joe Curran, former science phobe